Camel ish - #IceLink #6Timezone

Camel ish - #IceLink #6Timezone

Balmain blazer

Burberry leather boots
$940 -

Chanel handbag


Camel ish - #IceLink #6Timezone

Camel ish - #IceLink #6Timezone

Balmain jacket

Burberry open toe bootie
$940 -


Fog Gray & Gold

Fog Gray & Gold

Gianvito Rossi suede boots
$920 -

Yves Saint Laurent grey purse
$1,625 -

Tom Ford fragrance
$315 -


We Are All Linked

Sunday night at the #IceLink Boutique + Rooftop raising funds and awareness for orphaned #Armenians. We could not have done this without our many donors who have endorsed our mission by generously supporting our campaign with @soarlosangeles - Also thank you @taglyancomplex for the wonderful food and drinks and @memorablemomentsevents for coordinating this special night. #wearealllinked - All photos by @kameraproductions

Best known for its edgy jewelry and timepieces, IceLink has been a true toy for the millionaire. The famous “6Timezone” watch is the furthest thing from a rational explanation.  In an era in which connected devices are winning a lot of consumer appeal, IceLink alternatively digs its feet in the sand with the stylish and unique 6-Zoned Watch. This patented design, already adopted around the world as “the IceLink,” was the birth of what would later become the company’s signature and iconic timepiece.
IceLink 'Nero' Black PVD Watch - $995
IceLink 'Altan' Gold PVD Watch - $995

Now, IceLink releases its iconic timepiece in a way that will be available to everyone; The Generation6TZ series. The transition of the brand from one generation to the next highlights the dawn of the company’s rebirth in ‘bringing fun to luxury’.  With the rising of a digital age, one that is global, social, and connected, IceLink is going to wow the market with its first version in the start of the Generation 6TZ series, now with 5ATM water resistance; so you’ve got nothing to worry about when you take a dip in the pool or in case of a sudden champagne shower!

Looking to read your email on your wrist? Then IceLink watches are not for you. IceLink screams that its wearers believe that life is about enjoying the little things as well as the luxuries that life has to offer without the stresses that come along with the “internet of things.” Drop your phone, kick your feet up, and enjoy life.

The Generation 6TZ watch line is available on and ranges from $795-995


The number 6 is an important recurring theme in the IceLink brand, and one that has great significance to the Sogoyans.   The number 6 has always been auspicious to the family and the company.    Founder Andy Sogoyan was born on 06-06 in the 60’s.    


He started his business on 6thStreet in Los Angeles, also known as the Walter P. Story Building.

 IceLink’s flagship boutique is located at 666 North Kilkea Drive in the same city. 

 Most importantly, however, the 6 Timezone watch has become the IceLink signature.
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"Limited Edition" but Not Limitless

Rarefied Alpine air, a majestic set of world famous peaks, and stunning views that stretch across multiple countries.  Just like Zermatt, Switzerland, The IceLink Zermatt Watch Collection is clearly “the top” when it comes to experience. 

“Zermatt” is a numbered, limited-edition five-time zone collection of stunning men’s timepieces. Combining the creative extravagance of Los Angeles with the sophistication of Swiss savoir-faire, we  introduced a rectangular mechanical movement, ILMM1, which powers all five zones simultaneously.  


The Zermattcollection caters to collectors and connoisseurs; a limited edition collection with an assortment of ninety-nine, four-of-a-kind watches. Each timepiece has a series number emblazoned on a unique case.


A special one-of-a-kind ILMM1 mechanical movement powers all five time zones simultaneously—but the most amazing part is that this patented movement’s main timezone automatically sets the others.  


The IceLink Zermatt is built from modern brushed titanium, while accented with index options that range from practical to precious. It’s imposing case measures 63.32mm x 43.13mm and is divided into a sleek, clean grid, with exuding masculine appeal.

The unique collection features six functioning zones – five displaying the hour and minutes of New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, home zone, and one with the iconic IceLink logo with rotating seconds, perfectly synced for moguls and jetsetters all over the world.  The 5 cities have an open disc with night/day indicators, and are powered by IceLink’s ILMM1 mechanical movement.  Furthermore, the international dials simultaneously maintain five different time zones and have a power reserve of 48 hours.  The heart of the watch lies in the back of the case where the ILMM1 is revealed through a sapphire glass.   The deeply curved case ensures that the watch lies comfortably on the wrist with its emblazoned black rubber strap and signature logo buckle.



Rose gold is becoming a new classic. The pink-hued precious metal has floated in and out of the spotlight for years, but it first became fashionable in Russia during the 19th century.  The tone was uncommon at the time and was actually known as “Russian Gold.” It’s a universally flattering metal and compliments all skin tones. I like pairing rose gold jewelry with white or copper/brown attire.

Men Like it Too

About the Author

With a passion for business and a knack for style, Suzy Sogoyan is the epitome of a young, fashionable, businesswoman hungry for success and prestige.  Suzy’s industry acumen and appreciation for luxury accessories were developed at an early age, when she persuaded her father to let her work on a developing project of his: luxury gemstone watches. Today, Sogoyan is a fierce young businesswoman at the center of a largely male-dominated industry.


“Stop Being a Robot”

It was a late night at the office; and I remember quickly maneuvering from my keyboard to my iPhone and back, trying to get in contact with an international client overseas.  My dad caught me in action from across the room and couldn’t understand why I was in such a ruffle; He said, “stop being a robot, pick up the phone, and call them!”
It was then that I realized something must be different in how business used to be done in the past.  Social technologies enable us to interact with people 24/7, which is amazing; but I feel that simultaneously, social media makes us somewhat less social.
My father Andy founded IceLink almost 20 years ago. Since then, it has transitioned from an ultra luxury watch brand for the nouveau riche of the world to what has become IceLink’s endeavor in bringing fun to luxury – making IceLink’s famed 6 time zone watch available to everyone in the world.

Andy Sogoyan in Moscow, Russia - with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas

IceLink Founder, Andy Sogoyan with Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

In IceLink’s early days, there was no such thing as social media or Facebook pages.  It was face to face, in person, and on the spot. Known for attention to the littlest detail, Andy quickly became the face of the brand. He started IceLink because he had a passion for watches and jewelry and had a dream to fuse the two together.  He attended events simply because he wanted to; not because he was hoping to get a social media post out of it. Because of this, IceLink quickly became the go-to watch of movers and shakers, including a raft of celebs who shared his affinity for all that is big and bejeweled. and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas who is wearing a custom diamond Tiara made by Andy Sogoyan of IceLink.

Andy Sogoyan with Timati

Although social media has given many brands so many opportunities to expand, some social media channels are invasive. Ultimately, what makes IceLink so special is that we nurture relationships with our customers; like family.  We are not nameless, and definitely not faceless.  We try to be as transparent as possible, introducing clients to the things that we like and love, and I believe that this is key to great customer service in this digital age.

With that said, if you ever get this card, we'll see you at our rooftop lounge! ;)



Hello! Thanks for visiting our blog.  I’m Suzy, brand director and co-owner (along with my father) of IceLink.  Some of you may know me personally, or through our Instagram posts (the hand shots are usually mine…haha).

I have built some amazing relationships with bloggers over the years, and have always wanted to start one for our brand.  I’ve obviously hesitated many times for more reasons than one. I’m not the best writer, but with my close community, I am going to cultivate and curate some of the most amazing trends and tips in fashion and product designs for all of our readers. (I’m open to suggestions, tips, and advice!) 

Also, I’ve always had a fear of boring content—hopefully I haven’t already bored you :-P . There are many great watch and jewelry blogs that can tell you everything you need to know about movements, metals, diamond cuts and clarity. But I want do that and more!

Today, I was motivated to start blogging for IceLink.  I just had a baby boy a month ago; perfect timing right?! Ha-ha. Here is my handsome little man, Christian. 

IceLink is a brand that truly features fun and luxury.  I want to share more of that.  Our team, (I like to call them The Link) is so dedicated.  Our customers know this because we will respond to emails at all through the night; we know their style, their likes and their dislikes- and we guide them to get exactly what they need and want. 

IceLink is a worldwide luxury brand; but we definitely are not conventional, and never plan to be.  It’s funny, a lot of our loyal customers don’t love jewelry, but they love IceLink. I hear this all the time, “I never wear jewelry but I have to have this bicycle bracelet.”  I want to share these stories with you.

I’m hoping this blog will give you an experience that is transparent, honest, and authentic. I am looking forward to receiving all your thoughts and comments. I think it’s time luxury brands get back to where it all started; relationships and experiences. So, here we are…

Welcome to Bringing Fun to Luxury™ - The IceLink Blog